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TECHNO STRUCTURES (PTY) LTD is 100% black youth-owned company and has one shareholder, Lwazi Jawe, who also manages and runs the business. The company has a BEE level 1
Techno Structures (Pty) Ltd has been operational fulltime since August 2017 offering turnkey services within the residential, commercial, and institutional markets. As an innovative building technology, light steel building is not only faster than traditional building methods but is also stronger, more thermally efficient as well as more cost effective.

Techno Structures (Pty) Ltd offers the entire spectrum of construction services, including architectural design support, detailed shop drawing design, full project management and onsite turnkey construction.


(+27 10) 004 4566


Techno Structures (Pty) Ltd is an innovative construction company that offers turnkey solutions from design to construction. The company is founded by Lwazi Jawe, who had been working as an architectural designer and for over 5 years worked as LSF projects sales representative for Clotan Steel. Here he has in a short space of time managed to handle all LSF clients and projects, collaborate with architects, contractors and projects stakeholders to assure project completion. He handled the liaising between client, design, sales, production and delivery of material on site and the further technical support.
The shareholder brings a significant degree of experience in the industry and perceived an opportunity to acquire a share of a very lucrative market by focusing on the specific needs and providing greater controls to the services than other competitors.
The company uses Innovative Building Technologies (IBT) in its projects. This is a smarter, quicker, more cost effective and greener construction methodology than conventional building methods. The IBT approach is not only beneficial to our clients on cost effectiveness, but also offers a greater environmental benefit in the construction stage and heating of the buildings.

The experience, knowledge, and skills of the management team and employees are the foundation of the envisioned growth. The management style is flexible, progressive and energetic. The company is registered as a PTY with CIPC.
The shareholder is responsible to fulfil the company's mission and legal accountability for its operations. The shareholder will further monitor and evaluate the organisation's operational performance and financial results and ensure the availability of adequate human resources and efficient management.
The purpose of this business plan is to provide the financier with the necessary information to evaluate the scope of Techno Structures (Pty) Ltd for further expansion. Additionally, it will serve as a guide to the management by highlighting the goals against which future performance can be measured.

We envision to consistently striving towards providing pioneering high quality and innovative building solutions into the market while creating sustainable job opportunities for the ecosystem.

We aim to be the leading youth black owned IBT Construction Company that makes a significant contribution to the South African built environment by providing excellent service in the projects we engage in locally and other parts of Africa.


Our mission is to offer IBT solutions that are greener and cost effective in the built environment.

We aim at putting the stakeholders first by means of providing them with quality innovative building solutions that meet their needs, powered by innovation, passion and purpose. We will be creating sustainability through our IBT building approach.


    The organisation will operate by the following key values:

  • Professionalism
  • Honesty
  • Dependability
  • Consistency
  • Commitment
  • Excellence

The vision Techno Structures (Pty) Ltd is to consistently strive towards providing pioneering high quality and innovative building solutions into the market while creating sustainable job opportunities for the eco-system.


Techno Structures continually focuses on the skills and strengths that set us apart from our competitors and improve our service whilst delivering value to our clients. Some of the areas we have identified as being exceptional and central to our business operation are listed below

    We explore synergies with various stakeholders in the built environment and we form strategic alliances in a way that allows all parties concerned to benefit from the strengths of the other, so as to gain a competitive advantage in this industry. Such cooperation increases our potential to expand our total expertise and our service offering to our clients.
    We realise that our clients are at the foundation of our success and we are committed to forging long-term and meaningful relationships that create a sense of security and trust. We are dedicated to excellence and anticipate our clients' needs way in advance because we are so attuned to them, and this gives us the opportunity to meet a need timeously and to exceed our clients' expectations.
    We are always looking to improve and develop the services we offer by pursuing new technologies and opportunities and by customising those services to meet the individual needs of our clients. We have an understanding of fundamental quality management methodologies and continually ensure that we are reliable in our overall performance and we do not compromise on offering consistent quality service to our clients.
    At Techno Structures we are constantly mindful of sustaining a competitive advantage over our competition in the built environment. Below are areas that we have identified:
    • Innovative and holistic approach to each project.
    • Innovative spirit and ability to cultivate a culture of change.
    • Project specific designs appropriate to the IBT systems.
    • Diverse client-base from government, parastatals, institutions(both public and private owned) to private sector clients.
    • Partnering with difference IBT system license holders.